We're Reading God's word regularly to know Him intimately.

"We're not shooting for every day perfection, we're shooting for patterns of consistency in our time in God's word."
- Pastor Frank

We invite you to join us as we read through God's word on our
3 Year Bible Reading Plan

18-Jan-19——Judges 1
19-Jan-19——Judges 2
20-Jan-19——Judges 3
21-Jan-19——Judges 4
22-Jan-19——Judges 5
23-Jan-19——Judges 6
24-Jan-19——Judges 7
25-Jan-19——Judges 8
26-Jan-19——Judges 9
27-Jan-19——Judges 10
28-Jan-19——Judges 11
29-Jan-19——Judges 12
30-Jan-19——Judges 13
31-Jan-19——Judges 14

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