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Our goal is to educate, equip, and empower Christians to make well-informed decisions and influence transformational change. We offer valuable resources that can be used by an individual or a church to prepare you for important conversations.
We've compiled our resources on the Church's role in shaping politics and culture, defining freedom and American history. Overtime we will continue to grow these resources.


Next Event: June 27th
Reclaiming Education: The Long Road Back to the Schoolhouse
Join us for our next Civics + Culture class, Reclaiming Education: The Long Road Back to the Schoolhouse.  For the last several decades, schools have shifted from teaching students how to think to focusing on what to think.  In this class, we will look at how the left has slowly indoctrinated our society through schools, resulting in the chaos we're living in today.  Whether you are a parent or not, you will walk away from this class empowered to help others, children or not, discern when they are being propagandized and what to do about it.  We will discuss the importance of parents educating themselves, regardless of where their children learn, in public, private or at home.

Book of the month

The death of George Floyd at the hands of police in the summer of 2020 shocked the nation. As riots rocked American cities, Christians affirmed from the pulpit and in social media that "black lives matter" and that racial justice "is a gospel issue."
But what if there is more to the social justice movement than those Christians understand?
Even worse: What if they’ve been duped into preaching ideas that actually oppose the Kingdom of God?

In this powerful book, Voddie Baucham, a preacher, professor, and cultural apologist, explains the sinister worldview behind the social justice movement and Critical Race Theory—revealing how it already has infiltrated some seminaries, leading to internal denominational conflict, canceled careers, and lost livelihoods. Like a fault line, it threatens American culture in general—and the evangelical church in particular.

Previous Books
April: "The Book That Made Your World" by Vishal Mangalwadi
March: "Live Not By Lies" by Rod Dreher

About Us

The Civics & Culture Department educates, equips, and empowers the church to impact the world and cultural landscape through the context of scripture.
Policy, Legislation, Law, and Social Issues are all part of this landscape. We gather the last Sunday of every month to engage in lecture, discussion, and Biblical teaching.