We are currently retooling and preparing to relaunch
EIKON at the beginning of next year!
In the meantime, we'll see you at the weekend services.

EIKON is a gathering of 18 to 35 year olds that exists to:

Connect People to God

Because a relationship with Jesus changes everything.

Connect People to People

Because we’re not created to do life alone.

Connect People to Mission

Because this is bigger than us.

Connecting People to God

We get together every other Wednesday in the sanctuary at 7:30pm for teaching and worship. Find out when we're meeting on our calendar and on our Instagram page.
We also invite you to worship on the weekends with us at Calvary Chatt and follow dive in to God's Word on our 3 Year Bible Reading Plan.


Connecting People to People

Once a month, we'll get together on a Friday for EIKON SOCIAL, a fun night to hang out and connect.
We will keep you updated with dates and locations on our Instagram account.
We also encourage everyone to get plugged in to a small group at Calvary Chatt!

Connecting People to Mission

Each month we'll serve with local partners and ministries in Chattanooga to meet needs and share the love of Jesus in our community. All the info and dates will be posted on our Instagram account.
And check out all the great mission trips coming up at Calvary Chatt.