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“ shall raise up the foundations of many generations.”

Isaiah 58:12

We seek to raise up the next generation by partnering with 3 specific groups of people:
PARENTS: By providing a safe and nurturing environment for their kids, calvaryKIDS enables parents to be a part of the weekend services in the sanctuary without distraction.
VOLUNTEERS: All preparation and teaching materials are provided by the staff and we spend a few minutes equipping volunteers before the service. This allows volunteers to arrive ready to simply facilitate and have fun!
KIDS: Studies show that most Americans have fully formed their moral and spiritual foundations by the ages of 9-12. We think it is vitally important to tell children about Jesus and what He did for them!

Children's Check In Info

Update your family information here to make checking in your kids a breeze!

calvaryKIDS Volunteers

We believe in being above reproach. That’s why all our volunteers undergo a background check and follow specific rules for the weekend. We are dedicated to providing a safe environment where your children are loved and cared for and where you can enjoy your worship experience worry free.

calvaryKIDS Special Needs

Our desire is to come alongside families, helping to meet their unique physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Being that each situation is different, we work to develop an individualized plan to ensure what is best for you.
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